Another client testimonial...January 13, 2016

I wanted to thank you for the staging, it was wonderful. It showed the house beautifully and was a great balance. It definitely contributed to the house getting 2 over list price offers within 24 hours!
William S., Minneapolis homeowner

Another client testimonial...December 22, 2015

Thank you for your work which brought our home so up to date. We were amazed at the increased traffic once the pictures posted showing our new look. Within one week, we had 18 showings and 3 interested buyers, one of which bought the house!
Anita H., Edina homeowner

‚ÄčAnother client testimonial...December 4, 2015

I just wanted to say "thank you" again! Your staging was key to such a great result on selling our home. I have said to many peopole that watching the slideshow of the staged home is better than living in the house ever was!
Michael J., Edina homeowner

‚ÄčAnother client testimonial...October 23, 2015

I will highly recommend you to anyone I know needing a stager-your work is beautiful and you are fabulous to work with!
Lindsey H., Minneapolis homeowner

‚ÄčAnother client testimonial...April 3, 2014

I thought you and your partner were very professional, reliable, and talented. It's extremely stressful trying to sell a house, and even worse when you have two mortgage payments to deal with, and a never ending Minnesota winter. Having our home professionally staged help us out tremendously. I appreciate the detail you and your partner took to make our home look beautiful and functional for potential buyers. It worked and we are extremely grateful. Should we ever have to sell another house again, I would not hesitate to call you and ask for your help again.
Catherine N., St. Paul homeowner

Another client testimonial...August 7, 2013

I had my house on the market for several years. It was newly remodeled, and the location was great, but buyers couldn't imagine how to arrange their furniture in the house. At the suggestion of our realtor, we decided to stage. After switching realtors and completing the staging, the house sold within the first month!
Vasco B., Bloomington homeowner

Another client testimonial...June 3, 2013

Thanks to Register Redesign for the two hour consultation on how to stage my house in order to sell it. You helped me to see my house from the potential buyer's perspective, which I never could have done on my own. I decluttered, repainted some rooms, replaced outdated cabinet hardware, and added the accessories you recommended. I received very positive feedback from realtors and potential buyers on how my house looked. Twenty-four hours after the first showing of our home, we accepted an offer at our asking price! I highly recommend Register Redesign!
Cathy H., St. Paul homeowner

Another client testimonial... April 26, 2012

We completely renovated a cute starter home in Lakeville. We had the property on the market and it was receiving average feedback on its showings with no interest for the first two weeks while the home was vacant. Once we staged the home, the feedback was amazing and we received an offer shortly after. The staging changed the home from being a nice home with no wow appeal to a beautiful home you could see yourself living in.

Cindy A., Rolling Green Properties

Another client testimonial...April 26, 2012

Sharon, we are very pleased that our house sold so quickly and for over asking price! There is no doubt in my mind that having it staged helped it sell quickly, so THANK YOU!
Amy T., Minneapolis homeowner

Another client testimonial....February 26, 2012

Just wanted to let you know we sold our house in 4 days!!! We still have the inspection, but we have accepted an offer. I just want to thank you so much for all of your suggestions for staging our house. I really believe that it helped us with this fast sale.
Lindsay D., Golden Valley homeowner

Another client testimonial....November 17, 2011

I had my house staged with Register Redesign and I received a full price offer the first day the house went on the market. The house looked hip and helped define the rooms. I think the money spent on staging was well worth it. My house sold for asking price and fast, what more could I ask for. When they came to pick up the furniture the house was left clean.
Matt P., Minneapolis homeowner

Another client testimonial...July 22, 2011

We want to thank you for your part in helping us to sell our house. We had some skepticism about staging and how far to go with it. We greatly appreciate the amount of time you spent on in the initial consultation talking through the reasons behind the suggested changes we make in our home to get it ready to sell. We appreciated being able to question and push about some of the work suggested. You were helpful in prioritizing what we should do. We ended up doing 90% of what you suggested. The house looked beautiful when it was done. The paint colors chosen were soft, warm and welcoming. We made the final decision to move all of our furniture out of the main floor and allow you to entirely stage it. The result really showed off the strengths of our home.

All the work and the final result gave us confidence to ask for an aggressive selling price. We had an offer within 24 hours and signed a purchase agreement within 36 hours. We got within 5% of our asking price. We have no doubt that your work contributed to such an excellent result. And in such a challenging market! Thank you.
Linda N., Minneapolis homeowner

Another client testimonial...June 15, 2011

Register Redesign exceeded our expectations. They were extremely responsive and adhered to our timeline. Even though they worked at a rapid pace, they still took the time to study our property and thoughtfully staged it for the likely buyer demographic. In the end, our property looked better than we ever imagined and it sold in less than a month.
Jim D., Saint Louis Park homeowner

Another great client testimonial! February 6, 2011

My wife and I engaged Register Redesign to stage our 1915 craftsman bungalow for sale.

This was our first time using a staging consultant, and it will not be our last. We believe the staging was instrumental to a quick and very satisfactory sale of our house. Above all, they were a pleasure to work with.
Shawn L., Minneapolis homeowner

Register Redesign featured in the Star Tribune January 29, 2011

In this helpful article titled Designed to Sell, we help homeowners see the benefits (both visually and financially!) of staging when your thinking of selling your home. The article received great coverage and our photos were front and center on the front page of the Homes section of the Sunday paper! Click to connect to the article

Another great client testimonial...January 24, 2011

Register Redesign has been a key factor for the success of my listings. If I have a home that's vacant or just needs fresh current touches, they know exactly what to do to enhance the home. They have a fantastic ability to create a tasteful and emotional environment. I will proudly continue to use Register Redesign for all of my listings.
Mary K., Edina Realty Agent

Another great client testimonial! December 10, 2010

I just wanted to let you know what a pleasure and success it was to contract for your services in designing and staging my listing in Bloomington. You were extremely professional and timely in making it happen.The difference was dramatic in the activity and results. We experienced a 2-3 times amount of showings which led to two serious buyers and a quick sale and closing. The seller realized several thousands of dollars more for the home than was really expected.

We will be utilizing your company as much as possible in the upcoming years.
Gary O., Edina Realty Agent

Another great client testimonial! August 24, 2010

We have a purchase agreement signed on our house. The ability to sell that house is directly attributed to the amazing work you did staging. Thank you so much.
...Can't thank you enough again and will be insisting that any of our friends who decide to sell their home MUST use you.
Jeff A., Edina homeowner